Vanessa Fairgraves
Type lineAlly - Undead Death Knight
TagsUndead, Death Knight
RulesWhen Vanessa is destroyed, put a Ghoul ally token into play with 3 [Melee] ATK / 3 health.
Cost / Att / H3 / 3 / 3
Edition Death Knight Starter (Common)
Users having Vanessa Fairgraves
Found 2 users
# Name Location
4 Portugal - Lisbon
4 United States - San Francisco
Latest decks using Vanessa Fairgraves
Name User Class / Hero
Ghoul Master Magribinus     Saeryn Dusksorrow
Death Knight -horde Cristi     Saeryn Dusksorrow
Urrth Uldor     Urrth
Saeryn Dusksorrow Dimitar Bonchev     Saeryn Dusksorrow
Ayaka Winterhoof lordofthefries     Ayaka Winterhoof

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