Type lineInstant Ability - Subtlety
RulesYour hero is elusive this turn. If it's defending, remove all attackers from combat.
Ongoing: Your hero has stealth.
When your hero deals damage, destroy Vanish.
Cost / Att / H1 / - / -
Edition Through the Dark Portal (Uncommon)
Users having Vanish
Found 4 users
# Name Location
6 Unknown location
3 United States - Lady Lake
1 United Kingdom - Sheffield
2 United States - Columbus
Latest decks using Vanish
Name User Class / Hero
poison solo rogue korpi     Zimzi the Trickster
Poisoner tatik     Caleb Pavish
poisoner kreten     Caleb Pavish
Daspien v2 az_ilia     Daspien Bladedancer
poison greenegeek     Meganna the Stalker

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