Wynnd the Spry
Type lineAlly - Night Elf Druid
TagsNight Elf, Druid, Druid
RulesElusive (Can't be attacked.)
Wynnd has +1 ATK for each exhausted opposing resource.
Cost / Att / H4 / 2 / 4
Edition Blood of Gladiators (Common)
Users having Wynnd the Spry
Found 47 users
# Name Location
5 Portugal - Porto
12 Unknown location
1 Unknown location
4 United States - Binghamton
4 Unknown location
Latest decks using Wynnd the Spry
Name User Class / Hero
Druid Phillip Levinson     Jasmia, Nature's Chosen
Copy of Mage Mitch     Nicholas Merrick
Mage Pyros     Nicholas Merrick
Arturius Hathrow Uldor     Arturius Hathrow
Boris Brightbeard Uldor     Boris Brightbeard

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