Yes, you can play Long Winter in response to RDEO, then if he does nothing in response you go to the resolution: Long Winter it resolves first and forces him to take up the development, then solve RDEO that misses because the development is no longer in play.
Different if he plays RDEO, you in response play Long Winter, he in response plays another RDEO, you pass, he passes. Go to resolution: the last RDEO turns the development, your Long Winter misses because the devolpment is no longer in play, his first RDEO misses for the same motivation.


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Ok, thank you for the prompt reply smile


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Hello everyone,
I would like a clarification regarding the ability "Savage".

I have a unit with 2 HP and Savage 2. My opponent plays a card that makes me 2 damage to this unit, the Savage ability is used or not?

If the damages are applied one at a time, I would say yes, as Savage has an effect constant, but if all the damage is applied at the same time, I would say no, what do you think?

But if I need a unit to use an Action on a "Quest" why with the new "Quest" like for example, Raiding Camps draws a card as soon as it comes into play, although I have not put unit?


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Perfect, thank for the reply.


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Hello to everyone,
just to confirm, when I play "Bladewind":

Action: Target opponent discards a card from his hand. Then, draw a card.

Is the opponent that chooses the card  to discard ? Or I'm me that discard a card to him at random?

Hello everyone,
I would like your opinion about the following game situation:

I have in play:

"Lord of Change" (Players play with the top card of their decks revealed. You may play the top card of your deck as though it were in your hand.)


"Manfred Von Carstein" (Destruction only. This card gains 1P For Each resource tokens on it. Action: Discard a card from your hand to put the target unit in an opponent's discard pile on the bottom Of His deck. Then, place a resource token on this card.)

If the opponent has, for example, 10 units in his discard pile, can I play the action of Manfred and discarding 10 cards from the top of my deck and give 10 power to Manfred?
In practice the "You may play ..." given by  the effect of the 'Lord of Change” also includes the action of the "discard" cards, or only the “put into play” action?