Topic: Bulk adding inventory to tradelist

it seems entirely too tedious to add each and every card to my tradelist. is there a quick way to mark my entire inventory as tradable?

Re: Bulk adding inventory to tradelist

this would be nice.

It's easy if you enter it under the tradelist; for changing many cards from regular to trade, it's a PITA.

Re: Bulk adding inventory to tradelist

Sorry to revive a dead thread but has there been any developments on this?

it would be nice to be able to check the "select all" button then under card actions have a drop down for "move selection to tradelist"

Re: Bulk adding inventory to tradelist

Hello Cardtel,

If you use your  inventory as a tradelist, than you can just enter everything in the tradelist directly, when adding cards. They will automatically be added to the inventory as well.

If you want right now to make your inventory become your tradelist, go to your tradelist, delete everything in it, then go to inventory, select View - Print, copy the entire list of cards from there, and then in the tradelist add cards widget paste it into the multi-card importer.