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**** Just an update guys. I havent been playing much mtg recently so I've kinda taken a hiatus from the site, I'm not ignoring you I just dont log on very often ****

Philly redditor looking for trades and always up for a game somewhere in the city. Shoot me an email and we can work something out, I have no problem looking over collections and I need a lot of random foils for my decks.

willing to buy cards for cash or do partial cash / card trades.

EDIT: Deckbox does a poor job of showing it but I'm looking for specific versions of many of the cards in my wish list - specifically Foils / promo's. Shoot me a message if you have any questions

High wants right now:

Impulse - FNM version
Remand - FNM Version or Foil Ravnica
The Abyss - English, any condition
Underground Sea - any edition, any language
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - foil only
Vesuva - foil
Hana's custody
Time Sieve - Foil English only
Watery Grave - Foil or non depending on your value
Sensei's Diving Top - Foil, FTV preferred
Tormod's crypt - FNM only
Extractor Demon - Foil english only
Disciple of the vault - Foil english only
Liliana Vess - Foil, english preferred
Scourglass - Foil english
Gilded Lotus - Foil
City of Brass - Foil Deckmasters edition
Foil Zendikar Island #234 (the John Avon one)

Also interested in in ANY spindown dice!
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