This is a complete Modern deck.
Approximate deck value: $805.70.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (5)
1 Creature - Human Wizard $32.75
1 Legendary Creature - Eldrazi $48.99
1 Legendary Creature - Eldrazi $33.64
2 Legendary Creature - Eldrazi $54.25
Instant (21)
1 Instant $0.13
1 Instant $1.41
1 Instant $0.62
2 Instant $0.23
4 Instant $12.23
2 Instant $1.46
4 Instant $0.35
3 Instant $5.80
3 Instant - Arcane $10.38
Sorcery (1)
1 Sorcery $0.36
Artifact (8)
4 Artifact $1.10
4 Artifact $0.21
Land (25)
1 Legendary Land $8.48
3 Basic Land - Island $0.21
1 Basic Land - Mountain $0.17
4 Land $78.34
3 Land $6.22
1 Land - Island Mountain $9.74
4 Land - Urza’s Mine $1.56
4 Land - Urza’s Power-Plant $2.00
4 Land - Urza’s Tower $1.69
# Name Type Cost 
3 Instant $0.17
2 Instant $0.14
2 Instant $7.76
2 Sorcery $0.36
1 Artifact $0.71
1 Instant $1.28
1 Instant $1.46
1 Legendary Creature - Faerie Wizard $64.99
1 Sorcery $3.93
1 Instant - Arcane $10.38
I can truly appreciate what this deck is trying to accomplish. In a world where everyone is fighting you on different angles, simply going over the top and ignoring your opponent is a very solid strategy. Building a control deck is proving more than a little difficult, so if you want to play blue cards you have to play aggro-control or Tron.
With Tron, you use the Urza lands to gain a huge mana advantage and do something stupid with it. In this case, it's winning with Eldrazi—either by hardcasting them or using them for a turn via Through the Breach. Gifts Ungiven and Thirst for Knowledge find what you need.
Unlike other Tron decks, Gifts isn't the centerpiece of your strategy. You use it as a Demonic Tutor thanks to Noxious Revival and Snapcaster Mage. With various Gifts combinations, you can find that last Urza land you need, the Through the Breach to Emrakul them, or three Eldrazi if you've got a ton of mana laying around.
One of the great things about playing U/R is that Through the Breach crushes the non-blue decks. They have very few ways to interact with you, and once you annihilate 4-6 of their permanents, it's tough to come back.
Against blue decks with Vendilion Cliques, you want to side out the Through the Breaches and just win the late game with Eye of Ugin. The problem with Through the Breach is that Vendilion is a huge beating against you, and it's not very good against counterspells either. Thankfully, blue decks have a hard time beating Tron lands and Eye of Ugin. In order to get to the midgame where you can start throwing Eldrazi at them, you have Electrolyze. With everyone's blue decks containing Vendilion Clique and/or Squadron Hawk, Electrolyze is basically an all-star.
One of my favorite parts of this Tron list is the manabase. There's no messing around with stuff like Academy Ruins, Buried Ruins, or Tectonic Edge. U/R can do better than Mindslaver lock people so it's not as reliant on the graveyard, nor does it need to play awkward lands.
I like where the sideboard is at. Affinity or any other fast deck can be a tough matchup, but that's why there's plenty of hate. Sure, you might take some damage in the early game, but can Affinity beat a Gifts for Hurkyl's Recall, Shatterstorm, Noxious Revival, and Snapcaster Mage? I'd like to see 'em try.
Splinter Twin is the other rough matchup, but that's only because I don't have a ton of hate maindeck. Additionally, Through the Breach is comically bad against Deceiver Exarch. However, after boarding we have Combust, Dismember, Damping Matrix, and Vendilion Clique to disrupt them, and Dispel for their Dispels. Usually that buys enough time to cast an Emrakul.
If you're sick of trying to interact, and really want to blow up all your opponent's permanents, you should give this version of Tron a try.
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