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Approximate deck value: $225.82.
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# Name Type Cost 
Instant (18)
4 Instant - Arcane $0.10
4 Instant $0.32
4 Instant $0.63
2 Instant $0.15
3 Instant $0.38
1 Instant $0.10
Sorcery (3)
3 Sorcery $5.89
Artifact (11)
4 Artifact $3.00
3 Artifact $5.68
2 Artifact $0.42
2 Artifact $7.15
Enchantment (3)
3 Enchantment $2.23
Planeswalker (1)
1 Planeswalker - Jace $8.82
Land (24)
4 Land $1.62
4 Land - Plains Island $8.21
3 Basic Land - Island $0.21
1 Land $0.37
1 Legendary Land $11.87
6 Basic Land - Plains $0.11
1 Land $1.05
4 Land $0.48
# Name Type Cost 
4 Instant $7.18
3 Instant $0.32
2 Enchantment $3.02
3 Enchantment $1.11
3 Enchantment $15.95
W/U turbofog - fog your opponent until they're milled to death.  Turbo helps get a fog effect every turn.  Some hard/soft locks that have floated in & out - Venser + Stonehorn is permafog until Stonehorn gets nuked; Curse of Exhaustion + Knowledge Pool is a hard lock on opponent casting spells; Isochron + Silence/Fog is permafog or permasilence; Kami of False Hope + Emeria is permafog; Venser's Journal against burn; etc.

This is a terrible deck to play against, and it isn't much fun to play with - matches are long, frustrating, and drag.  It just does OK against hyper-aggressive decks and poorly against combo decks, so I don't use it much, but it does pretty well against jund-speed decks, so there's that.

Gone off & on adding hard counters, spell pierce, remand, and mana leak are useless in the late game, so cryptic command or even dissipate?  Sideboard is out of date and needs some fiddling.

Other Wincons/Locks/Fogs/Mines
Gideon, Champion of Justice
Hoofprints of the Stag
Privileged Position
Kami of the Crescent Moon
Curse of Exhaustion
Azor's Elocutors
Knowledge Pool
Batwing Brume
Kami of the Crescent Moon
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  • swanlass (Edited )
    • Sean (Edited )

      Good idea, since I've got diddly for creatures.  Downside is that I'd have to take combat damage when I chump block with him, fogging would prevent him from hitting the graveyard, so he is only useful earlier before opponents have lethal on the board.  So I'm not sure.  I could try replacing some DoJs with him, just to test it out.