This is a complete Extended deck.
Approximate deck value: $78.48.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (11)
4 Creature - Human Wizard $1.08
4 Creature - Merfolk Wizard $0.52
3 Creature - Goblin Shaman $1.25
Instant (17)
4 Instant $0.19
4 Instant $0.12
4 Instant $0.44
3 Instant $0.13
2 Instant $0.25
Sorcery (5)
1 Sorcery $0.25
4 Sorcery $0.27
Enchantment (3)
3 Enchantment $0.14
Land (24)
3 Land $3.25
1 Land $0.30
4 Land $1.82
3 Basic Land - Island $0.20
5 Basic Land - Mountain $0.16
6 Basic Land - Plains $0.14
2 Land $6.84
# Name Type Cost 
4 Instant $0.14
1 Sorcery $3.16
2 Enchantment $0.33
2 Enchantment $0.14
1 Sorcery $0.14
3 Sorcery $6.30
2 Sorcery $2.87
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  • USMCDaddy ()

    I find this interesting.  I don't usually play low creature count decks.  I'd like to hear how this works in actual play for you.  Also, you have more than a few cards that allow you to draw cards.  Did you consider adding a couple reliquary towers?  

    • legoman05 ()

      In practive, I've never hit the 7-card limit. If I end up getting Secrets of the Dead out, I'm swimming in card advantage and the game is over soon afterward.

      So far I've tested it against aggro decks, and even when I've had only a single feeling of dread in my hand I can hold off a couple turns, taking about 5 damage or so, until I stabilize with a Supreme Judgement and start setting up the board with BV.

      Midrange decks will probably give me more of a problem, but by turn 7-8 I've usually seen two wraths effects and have a BV out, which lets me nuke anything off the board with Geistflame or the sideboarded Burning Oils.

      • USMCDaddy ()

        Nice.  I appreciate the insight.  I'm still a fairly novice deckbuilder and don't always see how the cards work together so well.  If you get a chance, I'd appreciate if you could take a look at the two decks I've posted on here (Mob Life and Miller's Apprentice) and offer critiques or suggested sideboards.

        Thanks again.