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**ALERT: With the new deckbox pricing system in flux, I will still be trading at TCGMid prices.  This may take more time to look stuff up manually and price it, but I hope it can end up with both parties happy.  Thank you.**

Hello!  I am also the trade mod of /r/magicTCG so if you have issues on the trade thread there, contact me here or on reddit.

*Note:* I trade live pretty actively and cannot always update my deckbox accordingly.  Thus, I may not have something that is on my deckbox!  Sorry in advance!  On the flipside, I may have something that ISN'T listed in my deckbox, always ask if you need something (especially C/U!)!  I also have a BUNCH of tokens I can't list - ask for what you need!

I am possibly willing to trade out of my inventory, but expect to pay a hefty premium if it is something I don’t want to trade/am using.

Things on the Wishlist with a quantity of 5 are things I am willing to trade for, but are not a priority and should not encompass the bulk value of a trade. 

My foil needs can be found at this google doc link:

I am also always willing to trade for bulk at the following rates:
$0.12 cents for any bulk rare
$5.00/1k common/uncommons
The cards need to be NM/M for the most part and in English.  Rares are preferred to have the gold expansion symbol.

I have the following products for trade/sale:
Black Spellground Classic from Khalsa-Brain Games:
Price: $50 or $60 in trade

UltraPro Planeswalker Playmat (new in package).  Can be seen here:
Price: $25 or $30 in trade

Garruk vs. Liliana Duel Deck
Price: $50 or $60 in trade

10-15 D20 spindowns (including guild ones!)
Price: Depends on what you want – contact me!

I am willing to try to make any trade work, so if you don’t see anything on my wish list, do not hesitate to contact me.  We can try to work a deal out!

Actinide on MOTL / Reddit.
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