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I trade these at 5 apiece, sell for 4 cash, discounts for larger orders. These are just what I've made so far, I can do custom orders and will be adding more to my portfolio in time.

For the Conclave!

With my Cube complete, I don't have any current projects to trade toward. I'll always take Modern staples, fetchlands, and revised duals, but otherwise I'm not really actively trading right now just to trade.

Notes about trading:

1) I expect you to mark the condition of your cards at this point, there has been plenty of time to adjust to the new interface. Even if you don't have the patience to go redo your entire inventory, please mark cards as they become involved in trades.

2) I expect prompt shipment. Please do not mark your cards as sent until they are ACTUALLY SENT.

3) Please provide tracking on any trade over $15 at this time, no exceptions.

4) Pack your cards properly with a hard case to protect them from being bent. Also, as a matter of courtesy, the simple act of folding over the end of the strip of tape makes it INFINITELY easier to unpack the cards when they arrive.

5) With the exception of SA Goons, I will no longer be trading internationally (yes, this means you, Canada). I've simply had too many problems and shipping with tracking is too expensive to justify the risk anymore.

6) Please just communicate! A few words back and forth before we accept the trade assures me you know how to communicate BEFORE we have any shipping issues.

7) Please pay attention to this box, I will update it regularly.
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