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Currently waiting for prices to be fixed for mail trades. Will still trade locally tho

I try to keep my Tradelist and Wishlist up to date 
If I don't have anything on my wishlist I'm happy to look through your lists to see if I'm interested in anything.
If you need a card thats worth less then $1 it may not be on my trade list and I'm probably willing to trade it.
I may be willing to trade higher value cards out of my inventory if the trade is right. :)


I love planeswalkers and will always like to trade for them unless they're really overpriced in standard. If they're listed as 99 in my wish list it means I don't have any current need for it but will still trade for it, just not at a high priority.


If you have less then 5 feedback I ask that you send first. I generally ship in standard envelopes in top loaders taped to the envelope unless the trade is really high value.
I will trade worldwide if there's enough value in it.


Also willing to trade for alpha/beta/unlimited/revised basics as well as full art Zendikar/unhinged basics.

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