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Primarily an EDH player and prefer to wait until standard stuff rotates to pick it up. I'm happy to take a bunch of weird stuff to make up a few bucks in value difference if it's on my list. Got a lot of gaps to fill in, and I don't expect people are going to want to initiate a trade for 68 cents worth of junk, so let's maximize the mailer.

Happy to send first pretty much all of the time. I usually get stuff out a day or two after finalizing, but I'm in grad school right now and sometimes things are hectic, so please let me know if something is particularly urgent. I'm pretty laid back about when things arrive. I know life comes up, and is generally more important than card games.

Please, though, unless I request it for a huge trade (unlikely), don't send to me with a confirmation signature required. My town's post office sucks, and it makes it harder to deliver.

Until tokens and other special items are an inventory option, I'll use this space to list miscellany. Currently have poison 10-siders from New Phyrexia, and spindown d20s from FTV: Relics and Izzet and Dimir prerelease guild packs.

I want to eventually foil out my Lazav mill deck as much as is possible. I''ll swap a non-foil for foil if there are other things from my trade list that interest you for the difference in value.
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