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1. My primary issue is I hate trading for scratched cards as highlighted on the Star City Games visual condition guide.


If you tell me your card is Slightly Played and it arrives with scratches, I will return the card because I have no interest in keeping it, meaning compensation for its condition won't work as a trade resolution option..

I fully understand that you want to keep the cards you traded for so the best way to avoid this situation is to be vigilant about double-checking your cards against Star City before mailing out.

2. In the interest of simulating a real life trade as much as possible, when initiating a trade with me, just indicate all the cards you are interested in from me.

Please leave filling in your side of the trade up to me as I'd prefer to check your Tradelist and propose a trade based on all the cards you are interested in. I will do my best to get you everything.

Thanks for reading this in the interest of arriving at a trade that works for both sides. I look forward to trading with you!

- - INTJ_Duelist - -


- 2010 Mox Promotion Playmat (Towards this I am willing to trade out of my Inventory, stuff that is otherwise decked)

- Angel Token (Innistrad)
- Angel Token (Scourge)
- Avatar Token (Lorywn)
- Bear Token (Odyssey)
- Bear Token (Onslaught)
- Beast Token (Darksteel)
- Beast Token (Shards of Alara)
- Bird Token (Invasion)
- Demon Token (Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic)
- Demon Token (Mirrordin)
- Dragon Token (Onslaught)
- Dragon Token (10th Edition)
- Elemental Token (Duel Deck: Elves vs. Goblins)
- Elephant Token (Duel Deck: Garruk vs. Liliana)
- Elephant Token (Invasion)
- Elephant Token (Odyssey)
- Goblin Soldier Token (Apocalypse)
- Goblin Token (Legions)
- Goblin Token (New Phyrexia)
- Golem Token (Mirrordin Besieged)
- Hornet Token (Duel Deck: Phyexia vs. the Coalition)
- Insect Token (Onslaught)
- Marit Lage Token (Coldsnap)
- Minion Token (Duel Deck: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition)
- Myr Token (Mirrordin)
- Pentavite Token (Mirrordin)
- Rat (Shadowmoor)
- Rukh Token (8th Edition)
- Saproling Token (Invasion)
- Soldier Token (Onslaught)
- Spirit Token (Champions of Kamigawa)
- Spirit Token (Duel Deck: Divine vs. Demonic)
- Spirit Token (Planeshift)
- Squirrel Token (Odyssey)
- Sliver Token (Legions)
- Sliver Token (Magic League Promo)
- Thrull Token (Duel Deck: Divine Vs. Demonic)
- Vampire Token (Zendikar)
- Wurm Token (Odyssey)
- Wurm Token w/Deathtouch
- Wurm Token w/Lifelink
- Zombie Token (Odyssey)

- APAC Lands
- Guru Lands (Towards these I am willing to trade out of my Inventory, stuff that is otherwise decked)
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