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Anna Coley
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I started playing Magic right before Mirrodin, and have mostly been a casual/limited player.

I'm always looking for dual lands! If you don't see anything in my wish list, offer me dual lands!  Shocks, M10/Innistrad, whatever. 

Most of my cards are listed as NM because that's what Deckbox defaults to, but I have a tendency to acquire slightly played cards when I'm buying singles as they are cheaper, and I inherited some collections that weren't treated as well as they could be. I will let you know if the condition is less than NM before we agree to a trade.  Similarly, I'm not terribly picky about card condition so long as there is nothing that makes a card stand out in a deck.

Few trades are too small.  I usually ship out by the next business day.  I normally ship out in penny sleeves/top loaders/envelopes, but will upgrade to bubble mailers with tracking depending on quantity/value of the trade.  I default to no tracking, so please request tracking if it's important to you!

****Odd things I have for trade****
2x Path to Exile Modern Masters Artist Proof, Signed by Todd Lockwood
1x Khalni Hydra Artist Proof, Signed by Todd Lockwood
1x Incinerate Signed by Mark Poole
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