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If you wish to purchase from me, PLEASE send me an email first listing what you'd like to purchase, so I can collect and confirm the cards first.  I'm a naturally cautious person, so I'd like to have the cards in-hand so as to prevent any possible complications.  Thank you.


Trade rules:

1) My preferred trading situation is to trade up, particularly at the lower end of the price spectrum (I only rarely trade down).  I much prefer to slim down my inventory, and am willing to offer up plenty of low-value commons/uncommons/rares for either trade or purchase.  Just let me know and we can set something up.

2) If you're looking for a specific edition and I don't have it listed, just let me know.

3) I'll entertain most trades over a dollar in value.

4) As a general policy, I'll hold off on accepting a trade / confirming my address until I have all the cards in-hand, just to ensure that no inventory snafus pop up.  I appreciate your patience.

5) I enjoy negotiation, so don't expect your first offer to be immediately accepted.  What's on my wishlist is not all created equal, so if I may peruse through your tradelist (or inventory, if acceptable) and change your offer around, please understand my willingness to do so.

6) I use deckbox median price to value my cards.  If you have another preferred measure, please provide any links for independent verification.

7) I consider myself a person of temperate disposition, and expect civility in trades and negotiations.  Let's try to remember that this is supposed to be fun, folks.
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