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Started playing during Onslaught block and have been playing on and off since. I'm mostly interested in Modern and EDH while trying to dip my toes in Legacy.
*Currently building UR Tempo, Maga EDH and BUG Delver

Currently I'm looking to sell my Melira Pod list. It's missing a few things namely fetches, Chords, and VoR but the full list is available from my sidebar. Price is kind of up in the air and I'd be willing to do some combination of cards and cash so if you're interested, shoot me an offer and hopefully we can work something out.

Often I will trade out of inventory for the right offer.
Priorities include:
1 Aven Mindcensor
1 Spellskite
3 Engineered Explosives
3 Blood Moon
4 Shivan Reef
3 Chord of Calling
4 Mutavault

I can almost certainly find something to even out trades so if you see something of mine you'd like, feel free to throw me an offer.
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