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Mainly EDH player, but I'm just starting to get into Standard.  Always looking for good EDH cards or Standard cards for whatever deck I happen to be checking out at the time.  Always willing to trade up and have no problem trading large numbers of cards.

I'm slowly working on building a Legacy Dredge deck (mainly looking at Manaless Dredge), so all of my high priority cards in my wishlist deal with getting that onilne.

Anything <$15 will generally go in a standard envelope, in a soft sleeve and top loader, unless something else is requested.  Everything above that will go in a bubble mailer.  If you have less than 10 completed trades then I will most likely assume that you'll be sending first, unless stated otherwise.  I will attempt to send as quickly as possible, but I have a life, so I might not be able to send until the weekend on some occasions.

I will ship to Canada if you have a significant amount of completed trades from people who are active in the community.  Otherwise I deem it too risky, since I can't use tracking.
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