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Timothy Patullock
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Reddit MTG Trades, Commander Trading
Australia - Hawthorn
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I am looking to trade for EDH Staples and the occasional modern card on my wishlist.

I am also looking for certain tokens:
2/2 - 1/1 Slime Token - Mitotic Slime
4/4 Beast Token - Rampaging Baloths
1/1 Insect - Ant Queen
1/1 Red/Green Goblin - Wort, The Raidmother
4/4 Dragon - Sarkhan
1/1 Elemental - Elemental Mastery
8/8 Beast - Godsire

My high-priority list is:
Cards for my Animar deck under ADC
Shocklands (RTR, GTC)
Full art lands.
Full art Brave The Elements

And, well, full art cards of any variety really.

I usually trade my cards within sleeves packed in top-loaders.
Feel free to look at my Inventory for some cards.
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