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Moderator of WOOBERG.net, Shoe has been playing MTG since mid to late 1994, He acquired the nickname ‘Shoe’ through a stupid joke made during a MTG game about the Chimpokomon episode of South Park.  He loves MTG and gaming in general and hopes to work designing cards for the game one day. He plays mostly multi-player, but will sneak in a game of MTG whenever he can.  Shoe is a proud father of 4 beautiful children (ages 2, 3, 5 and 7) and currently works in technical support.  He has played in one PTQ and dropped after the first round to play a free draft of 9th edition…which he got 2nd place.  His antics have been featured on several MTG sites such as on the WOTC website in Chris Millar’s house of cards for a stupid Sky Swallower deck, when my friend who started the whole ‘Shoe’ thing  made fun of my hat at a PTQ, once at Star City Games, when Abe Sargent liked and expanded on the idea of a casual banned and restricted list after the restricting of Ponder and Brainstorm in Vintage (the B&R most casual playgroups adhere to loosely), once when he was one of the runners up in the "Share the Magic" contest by WOTC, and on Commandercast.  Shoe is also an up and coming independent game designer.  Check out Mad Scientist! (http://madscientist.shoebox-games.com/)
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