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I'm happy to do stamp trades when it's under $15 going each way - if you want DC and bubble envelope and the trade is under this amount, please let me know as I'll be happy to do it.

Canada - I love you, and I don't mind trading with you. That said, if I'm sending out more than 6 cards (which is what I can get into an envelope), it better be worth the shipping. I just got a sticker shock when it cost me $7.35 for less than 3 oz sent first class in a bubble mailer. I would have been better off just buying the cards on eBay :(

Always looking for Alpha, and Beta. Most of the core set type cards on my wishlist are Unlimited.

If you see a bunch of cards you want despite not having much on my wishlist, feel free to start a discussion, at least. There's always a chance something will work out.

Please note that any Portal, 4th Edition, or Scars block cards on my wishlist are low priority and generally just fillers.
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