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EDIT (6/24):  Hey all, sorry but I'll be out of town for business for the next 6 weeks.  I"ll have to take a break from trading.

Hey there!

I'm just your average EDH player, and am mostly trading to fill out my EDH decks.  I sometimes trade for Standard cards just to facilitate my other trades for EDH cards. 

I also enjoy kitchen-table drafting new sets with some friends after they are released. If you have any unopened boosters from the most recent expansion, I definitely would be open to trading for those.

Also, I'm looking for a few spindown dice to play with.  I am open to trading for those as well.

Feel free to offer trades anytime ($1 trades are good by me as well).  I mostly like to trade for EDH staples rather than Standard cards.  I would prefer to not trade down unless it is for cards I need immediately.  I will always look at reasonable offers and reply though.

If you're in the SFV and know some good places to play EDH, let me know!

Happy trading.

PS:  Just FYI, if something is a 5x on my wishlist, it is a low want.  Deck needs will be less than 5x.
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