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Welcome to Chas' awesome Deckbox.com trading profile!

If you don’t know me, I am the current Magic finance writer for Star City Games, a position I took over after two years of writing articles for Channel Fireball. I generally trust people, especially if they’ve got a decent amount of feedback, but if you want to make a major trade with me, I may ask that you send first. I mean nothing by it – I just want to ensure that we’re both satisfied with the transaction.

Before you make an offer, here are a few things I’d like to ask you to think about:

I don’t want to trade down. Unless you are willing to give up a lot of value, I don’t want to trade a bunch of >$10 cards for a bunch of <$10 cards. Please make sure you include high value cards in your offer if you want high value cards in return.

I don’t play Standard. The cards on my want list are simply the cards I don’t have playsets of yet. I’m trying to complete playsets of every card in the game .(I’m not doing the oldest sets or Portal/P3K stuff yet). I’m fine trading for Standard cards, and indeed I need some, but I’m not interested in paying a ton for them – I’m in no rush, and can wait for the price to go down in the fall. If you want to trade rotating Standard cards for a Mox Diamond or a dual land, please make me a competitive offer that takes the card rotation into account.

If you want cheap casual stuff in return, I’m fine trading at even value for your Standard cards.

I have dozens of foils and foreign cards. All exact set, foil, and language information is set in the deckbox.com system. I know it’s a pain to look and see if a card is foil/foreign, but please check if before you make an offer. I don’t want to have to weed through and go back and forth on foils, and I don’t want you to get a foreign card in the mail and feel cheated when the info was there.

I value my foils at full retail. All of these prices are retail, so please use a website like Star City Games or Channel Fireball to value my foils before making an offer. No, finding the one copy of an obscure foil that’s been out of stock for years on one dodgy site isn’t going to make me lower my price.

Please let me know if your cards have major condition issues. If I can see a crease, nick, ding, bend, or whitening on a card from five feet away, chances are I don’t want it. I’m not going to be a stickler for every single condition issue – they’re cards, dings happen – but if your cards are in poor shape, you need to tell me.

Assume that my cards are between VG and NM shape. Much like what I expect in return, most of my cards will be in reasonable shape and all will be sleeve-playable. If a card is in crappy shape, I’ll let you know beforehand. If getting NM cards is important to you, let me know before we trade so I can double check each card you want.

I think that’s it. Feel free to make me a huge offer if you'd like! Want do to $1,000 worth of cards for $1,000 on my want list? Let's do it!

I will also accept MOTL/eBay average prices for these cards if you wish to pay cash instead of trade.

- Chas
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