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July 2013 update: I am taking a break from trading and playing Magic. So I will be inactive on my Deckbox account. See you later guys.

I have been playing Magic since the original Ravnica, and been in and out several times since then.

Currently interested in the Modern and Standard format. I'm also keen on playing limited, so hit me up if you're on my local area. I frequent Collector's Inn mostly.

I will send trades with a padded envelope, toploader, and DC if the total value exceeds USD 25 and I hope you do the same. For trades less than that I will send them in a toploader mailed via regular envelope.

I don't really trade uncommons and commons at their valued tcg prices, so don't offer me 20 commons and uncommons for a shock land, etc.

Stop asking to trade standard format with eternal formats please. :)

Happy trading!
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