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I will continue to use tcgplayer mid prices for the foreseeable future until the price algorithm on here is more reliable.

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Card condition visual guide:

I do not mind trading for non-NM cards, but they should be correctly labeled as such, considering I take the time to properly label mine. 

Please give me at least 24 hours to reply to any trade requests and/or messages. If I do not reply in a timely matter, write another message to remind me.   

Shipping Policies:
Packing and shipping guide for people new to trading cards online:

If a trade is over $10 and you have less than 20 completed trades, multiple neutral feedbacks, or any negative feedback then I will probably ask you to ship first. My side will go out within 24 hours of receiving your side. If you are not willing to ship first then please look elsewhere, my 300+ online trades speak for themselves and I am not interested in getting ripped off. 

Trades under $25 get shipped in a stamped envelope with penny sleeves and toploaders. $25 and up and I will send in a bubble mailer with delivery confirmation, and I expect the same in return. I also expect to be informed if you can not ship out your end within 24 hours of the trade being finalized.

I am looking for some specific planes and schemes found in a list on the left margin of my profile.

I will also potentially trade for Unhinged lands as well as any of the following Zendikar lands: Plains #233, Island #236, Swamp # 240, Mountain #244, Forest #249.
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