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United States - Greensboro
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**Please read my trading policy

Special wishlist:
Wurmcoil token with deathtouch

- Lots of commons since Ice age
- Many tokens ranging far and wide including a Japanese elspeth theros token
-Plenty of fatpack boxes with good art and great for storage
- Almost all the MTG books
Trading Policy:
1.  I do my best here but I have a real life with a job. I try to respond but sometimes I get busy. Please be patient as I will do my best but if i dont respond to a trade feel free to send me an email.
2. Rarely interested in small trades.  Also, I dont trade down big staples for small stuff unless a significant bonus.
3. Lower feedback mails first unless I have traded with you before or you have over 75 feedback.
4. I try to mail in a timely manner but I travel for work a bit so may not send out the next day.  If its a rush let me know,
5. I trade for fun, not financial need so lets try to make this a fun experience. Even if we don't trade now, perhaps another time.
This is a great site and community and I look forward to trading with any of you.
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