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Adam Miller
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Reddit MTG Trades
United States - Austin
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*UPDATE* 1/30/2014
I am not actively trading at this time. Maybe in a few months.

Hi there!

I'm Adam. I play most pre-releases at Pat's in Austin. I draft occasionally at Pat's or Card Traders. I very likely don't know you, but I may have played you if you frequent either location.

So..... I have some trades under my belt finally. If you're not sure about trusting me, then I'm fine with sending first.

I am trying to build a modern affinity deck, and I am interested in trading to do so. The deck I'm building is this one:
https://deckbox.org/sets/345578. I am basically down to mox opals and arcbound ravager. If you want to trade either then go take your pick from my tradelist or inventory.
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