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I'm focused on getting EDH and TL cards in my wishlist.

If you have trouble rounding out a trade with me, I accept full-art or foil lands! I'm also hoarding Izzet, Boros, and Rakdos charms, as well as Burning-Trees and Loxodon Smiters. I'm already swimming in these cards, so I'm only accepting them for other small trades or to round out a bigger trade.

I'll ship with tracking if the value is over $25 or if there are too many cards to fit in an envelope. I'm willing to ship international if the trade value is high and/or it's something I really want.

I try report my card conditions accurately. If a card has a tiny nick, I'll leave it as NM, but I'll be sure to inform you first. I hope you'll report your conditions honestly as well. http://www.starcitygames.com/pages/cardconditions

Not listed in my tradelist:
- Sorin, Domri, Liliana, Narset, and Kiora Emblems
- Oversized Griselbrand Helvault promo

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