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Been playing since Urza's Saga, mainly casual. Stopped playing in tournaments years back and just do anything goes casual w/ friends and family. Most of my decks are based on my available budget, unfortunately, not what I can actually put together!

I will trade anything on my TRADELIST. As far as the rest of the cards in my inventory, almost guarantee that I will say no. If it's in my decks, I am using it and need it! My tradelist is should be 100% done. I apologize if there are cards in there that should not be. Thanks for your patience and interest.

I will trade in the country ONLY. Will send first if my rating is lower than yours (your preference) with penny sleeves and/or card slips. Please do the same with your cards! Most of the cards are NM. I will always tell you conditions of cards before the trade is finalized. I will ask for yours as well if not posted.

Check out www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG and if you live in or around Kansas City, come join MTG KC (check in the communities section.)

Deckbox Rocks!!!!

"Shiv hatched from a shell of stone around a yolk of flame." - Viashino Myth
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