Something Awful Traders (Unknown location)

The Deckbox group for members of the Something Awful Forums.

If you want to join the group, post a link to your Deckbox profile in either the main MTG thread or the buy/sell thread on the SA forums; I'll see it and either invite you or approve your request.

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The European MTG League (Unknown location)

A group for conecting magic players from all of Europe. Made this group to make it easier to trade and find places to play magic when you are traveling.

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Le Le Games (Romania - Tirgu Mures)

MTG community in Tirgu Mures, Romania.

Weekly three meetups!
- Tuesday 18:30
- Friday 19:00
- Saturday 17:30

Find our events in the Event Calendar and follow our discussions and news on the Targu-Mures MTG Facebook page:

Join the Arena!

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EDH traders (United States - Torrance)

This is a group for people who love and play EDH. We certainly like cards of a different stripe than, say, players of standard.

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Trondheim Magic (Norway - Trondheim)

People who play Magic the Gathering in Trondheim

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MTG South Africa Trading Group (South Africa - Johannesburg)

For all South African MTG players

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DC Metro Area MTG (United States - Washington)

For all MTG players in the greater DC Metro Area, including DC, Maryland, and Virginia residents. Come here for local and mail trades and to setup events with fellow mid-Atlantic residents

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Rochester NY MTG (United States - Rochester)

A place for Rochester NY and those around Rochester NY to play in casual tournaments from draft to EDH.

A place where a group of friends can meet other groups of friends.

A place to trade cards!  All are welcome, especially those in and around Rochester, even those at school at RIT, UofR, MCC, Geneseo, etc.

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European Traders (Unknown location)

Since deckbox is mainly active in the United States some people thought it would be a good idea to have a community that supports the European traders.

Currently in the building-up phase and gathtering members, but should already  prove useful for people with updated inventories and tradelists!

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Minnesota Traders (United States - Minnesota)

Welcome to Magic: the Gathering Minnesota Traders! This group is for Minnesota traders to enjoy local trades, and quick shipping times. Extra focus on traders in the Twin Cities Metro area for local trades.

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