Reddit MTG Trades (Unknown location)

Welcome to Reddit MTG Trades! Head over to the group deckbox forum to learn more about the community and our trading guidelines.

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MTG Market (United States)

This community is dedicated to the buying and selling of Magic cards.

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Canadian Traders (Canada)

If you live in Canada, you can trade here with other Canadians.

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MTG California (United States - California)

Welcome to the Magic: The Gathering California community!
Join us for fast mail, local trades and gatherings.

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Foil Traders (United States - Boston)

A group for people looking to buy/sell/trade foil Magic: The Gathering cards!

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Legacy Traders (United States - United States)

Hello everybody and welcome as you can infer from the title of the group we are all here to trade legacy cards. Obviously i have no problem with people in the group trading for other formats, but please if someone posts about a cards for trade don't offer them standard and modern stuff unless they tell you it is what they want. This group will be run democracy style, if someone is misusing this group or is rude/ annoying  in any way just bring it up in the forum and we can vote on whether or not it is acceptable behavior. Good luck and happy trading!

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Toronto Traders (Canada - Toronto)

A network for Traders in or around the GTA who prefer to trade cards locally, or want to receive their cards by mail within 2-3 business days

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Gameflux (Romania - Cluj-Napoca)

Comunitatea clujeana de MtG

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WHI Poland (Poland)

Warhammer Invasion players from Poland

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The European MTG League (Unknown location)

A group for conecting magic players from all of Europe. Made this group to make it easier to trade and find places to play magic when you are traveling.

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