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Imported the Mythic cards. Tokens still missing, couldn't find a source for the images, let me know if they were posted somewhere on the net. … romqs=true

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Thanks for your hard work as usual.

I've had an issue since GRN GuildKits were imported and maybe there isn't a solution yet...
Basically any card that is printed in a Guildkit does not show a price when it's in a decklist. All other GRN cards show up fine, but if it happens to be in a Guildkit, then there is no price.  Is this simply because no one is selling this version of the card?

Take for example a deck with Trostani, Selesnya's Voice; I own the Ravnica version which is nearly $4, but because this card is in the Guildkit, the price is not accurately displayed.  This is the same with lands (since they are in Guildkits) and some other cards like Dimir Doppleganger.  At the same time, cards I own that ARE from the Guildkits, such as Growing Ranks, are added to my inventory as a GRN card since there is no option to add it as a Guildkit card (I'm referring mostly to the set symbol only showing GRN and not the promo symbols)

Thanks for any response.

(Also I think the solution is for me to get a Premium subscription. I just can't do that right now but I probably will in a few months.)

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You can find tokens pic. on Magic card market

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