Topic: Two versions of the same card

Say I have 3 Absorbs but one is foil.  How do I add an extra row for the foil version.  In other words, I need a row for 2 regular Absorbs and a second for 1 foil Absorb.

Re: Two versions of the same card

Two ways:

  1. If you've already entered your 3x Absorb, then from Inventory, hover over that row and click Edit. In the popup dialog, hover to the left of the green "count" box, and a "split" icon will appear (the icon looks like the common "share" icon on mobile devices). When you click that icon, it'll make two rows, one with 1 copy of the card and the other with the remaining copies (in this case, 2).

  2. Another easy way to do it is from Add Cards. After typing in the card name...

    • If you have "QuickAdd Mode" switched to on, then it'll automatically generate a new row with a single copy.

    • If you don't have QuickAdd turned on, then you'll just have to click the "add" icon next to Inventory.

Once a row has been added, just set the foil status, and then be sure to click "Apply" to save the changes.

Re: Two versions of the same card

That's awesome.  Thanks.