Topic: It's kind of hard to add emblems to your collection

Hi, I have one QoL improvement that would be really nice for a large scale collector like myself.

The problem: It's tricky to know which planeswalker emblem you're adding to your collection before you click it. Some planeswalkers have more emblems than fit in the autocomplete dropdown. The physical card doesn't distinguish which specific titled variant of the walker it is. For example, one M19 emblem says "Emblem - Ajani". Ok, which one though? The dropdown has emblems for a bunch of Ajanis, which are all specified as the full named walker. But I don't know which one this emblem is for offhand. So I have to search the card database, find the right one, click its detail page, hit Edit there, hit +, and save that change, just to add one card to my inventory.

Proposed solution: It would be helpful when adding tokens and emblems from a box of opened packs, if there was some sort of breadcrumbs inline with the card titles (such as truncated rules text or a set code) and/or if the currently selected default set would always be at the top of the autocomplete list. I know this deviates from the data you probably pull from Gatherer, but it's a significant QoL improvement when you finally get around to entering a stack of tokens & emblems that's been sitting around because you're dreading the guessing and searches it'll take to enter them.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the hard work that goes into this site!