Topic: Buyer-side transaction enhancements

I've had a handful of times when I've tried to buy cards on the site and the seller either doesn't have the cards, they didn't mean to have their seller profile turned on, or the price wasn't what they wanted to sell it for. I understand that from time to time things happen, however, I don't have these issues on other marketplace sites.

I think the #1 issue is that selling is low volume on deckbox for a lot of sellers and they don't stay up on their storefront. It bothers me as a buyer because when I have made a purchase virtually everywhere else online, when my money is taken, I can assume the goods are on the way.

How do we add another layer of protection for the buyer who is committing their money to the seller? Is there another step that notifies the seller of a pending purchase and is signed off on by the seller before money is collected? Should there be a higher level of vetting of sellers? I have bought multiple times from a couple of sellers, that I know are going to have the cards and I know are going to send them as soon as possible. I will continue to buy from them, but unfortunately this is the exception not the norm. I get incredibly nervous buying from a seller I haven't purchased from before because of past purchases needing to be refunded, or not responded to for days.

I hope that the buyer experience can improve because I really do like buying from other players and collectors on deckbox. It is just incredibly frustrating to me to place orders that I have no idea if they are actually going to go through.