Topic: Throne of Eldraine - PRE & Release

Previews / Spoilers Here! 

Whats New?

- 2 instead of 4 pre-release events
- New event: pre-release Party!
- No more reservations (not needed)
- Updated entry fees
- Booster Draft on Fridays always at 18:00 (to finish before closing time)
- Booster per win in every round of Booster Drafts


- You get a pack with 6 boosters + extra's;
- We each build a deck of 40 cards from those boosters and play 3 or 4 rounds;
- Boosters per match Win!

Video: What is a Pre-Release?

We will have 3 Pre-Release events
1. Friday 27 September at 18:00 - Regular Pre-Release
2. Saturday 28 September at 12:00 - Regular Pre-Release
3. Saturday 28 September at 18:00 - Pre-Release PARTY*

- Play with the same card pool from event 1 or 2,
- OR get a new pre-release kit!
- Booster per match Win!
The Pre-release party is a way to play more magic for less money! If you play at the first or second event, you can use your card pool of one of those events to play the Party. In that case your entry fee will be only 30 Ron for prize support. If you didn't play at the first or second event, didn't like your card pool, or just want more cards, you can also get a new pre release kit at below listed price, which includes prize support.

Participation fee:
1st pre-release kit: 120 RON
2nd pre-release kit: 110 RON
3rd pre-release kit: 100 RON
Party Only: 30 RON

* discounts are per person / can not be used for groups

No Preregistration
Pay at the event
Cash = King


= Booster Draft
- What is a Booster Draft?
- Win a match, win a booster! (each round)

We will have 2 Release events!
1. Friday 5 October: 18:00
2. Saturday 6 October: 18:00

Participation fee: 60 RON per event