Topic: [Legacy] [ffa/circle] BW Graveyard rotation

Hey there,

It's my first time posting on any magic related board, so please ask if I missed anything important.

I suppose I should first tell you about the game environment I partake in. We play mostly basic duels ( no best of 3 or 5 ) so sideboards were never an issue. Occasionally (a few times a year) we meet up to play a ffa or circle match with somewhere between 3 and 6 players. These are played with the same decks we regularly play, so no specially for multiple opponent games designed decks.

With growing experience in the deck-building department the decks grew gradually stronger with two infinite combo decks showing up lately. Although most of us have at least 10 years of experience, (playing, not deck-building) none of us has ever been at FNM or any other kind of official game night.

Enough foreplay. Let's get going.

This is the deck I had in mind for a while.
The idea is to chip away at the (possibly multiple) opponents life with every creature I play or trade (see cruel celebrant and similar effects) . Blocking anything I can block and not worrying about unfavorable trades, since they comeback either way with Remembrance and oversold cemetery. Additionally grave pact should make them consider twice if they really want to swing.
Especially in the circle rounds should this encourage the other players to attack someone else than me.

The plan isn't really to interact with the opponents board state at all, but beeing relatively hard to deal with without great life penalties, and especially not permanently.

-Are there any obvious holes in this deck? (the lack of removal of any kind is due to the focus on furthering my own game rather than desturbing the opponents)
-is this a deck I could bring to FNM or something similar without utterly embarrassing myself?
-if it was FNM suitable, what would be the must haves for the sideboard? (propably some removal here, right?)