Topic: Lifetime Subscription Option.

I was wondering if there would ever be a "lifetime" high price 1 time fee to become a premium member. I have seen several sites in the tech industry to this like (plex, and pocketcast back when they were a paid service) I am not sure if this has been addressed before or not but I would love to see that as a paid premium option if there is enough interest in that type of a model, on top of the monthly/annual plans. I myself am feeling subscription fatigue, but I am also torn between supporting sites like this, I want to see sites like this be successful, however my wallet is only so deep. Keep up they great work.

If this has been asked in the recent past please feel free to remove my post, I could not find any question like this proposed recently

Caleb McD

Re: Lifetime Subscription Option.

This! I really enjoy using deckbox, but I do feel that the subscription is a little steep, seeing as I don't even need any of the features connected with the marketplace. I would love the option to pay a lifetime fee and get access to the scratchpad, for an instance.

Re: Lifetime Subscription Option.

This would be another great way to do things as well, I like the scratchpad, I also like the built decks setting and the per edition breakdown of cards as well. I myself will not use the trading feature or the marketplace (at this point) I like this idea you stated above as well.