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Foil Godzilla Cards:
- 1x Gyruda, Doom of Depths - Gigan, Cyberclaw Terror
- 1x Brokkos, Apex of Forever - Bio-Quartz SpaceGodzilla
- 1x Yidaro, Wandering Monster - Godzilla, Doom Inevitable
- 1x Hangarback Walker - Mechagodzilla, Battle Fortress
- 1x Vadrok, Apex of Thunder - Rodan, Titan of Winged Fury
- 1x Illuna, Apex of Wishes - Ghidorah, King of the Cosmos
- 1x Nethroi, Apex of Death - Biollante, Plant Beast Form
- 1x Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt - King Caesar, Awoken Titan
- 1x Gemrazer - Anguirus, Armored Killer
- 1x Zilortha, Strength Incarnate - Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Other priority wants:
- 1x foil Ketria Triome - Full art version
- 2x foil Zagoth Triome - Full art version
- 1x foil Savai Triome - Full art version
- 1x foil Raugrin Triome - Full art version
- 1x foil Indatha Triome - Full art version
- 1x foil Sol Ring - Magicfest edition
- 1x foil Brainstorm - FNM
- 1x foil Combustible Gearhulk - Masterpiece
- 1x foil Capsize - FNM
- 1x foil Birds of Paradise - Media Inserts
- 1x foil Kodama's Reach - Champions of Kamigawa

Some notable haves:
3x Tarmogoyf
1x Foil Chevill, Bane of Monsters - Extended Art
2x Sensei's Divining Top
1x Exquisite Blood
2x Arid Mesa
1x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
2x Mana Vault
1x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
1x Enlightened Tutor
1x Bloodstained Mire
3x Flooded Strand
2x Breeding Pool
1x Polluted Delta
1x Linvala, Keeper of Silence
3x Ad Nauseam
1x Purphoros, God of the Forge - Theros
1x Foil Temple of the False God - Scourge
1x Foil Wurmcoil Engine
1x Foil Eldrazi Conscription
1x Foil Bloodghast
1x Foil Steam Vents
1x Foil Bojuka Bog
1x Foil Tectonic Edge - Expeditions
1x Foil Rugged Prairie - Expeditions
1x Foil Kaervek the Merciless
1x Foil Erebos, God of the Dead - Theros
And so much more!

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