Topic: Fixes, db updates, delays for ticket responses


These are the fixes & updates done in the last and current week:

* fixed an issue with "in built decks" count showing incorrect in inventory
* blocked users are no longer shown in the "trades" stream
* show full deck title in hover when longer than fits on the page title line
* fixed default flags (foil, etc) not being correctly set sometimes in checklist view when using the "+" buttons
* changed sort column for "All Decks" listing from created_at to updated_at. Can now be used to see your own decks in the order of last modification date (via the "show only my decks" filter)
* Lurrus of the Dream-Den is now banned in Legacy and Vintage
* Zirda, the Dawnwaker is now banned in Legacy
* Agent of Treachery and Fires of Invention are banned in Standard
* added ban list for Prismatic
* fixed some pricing issues with extended art Ikoria promos

I'm a bit behind on responding to all support tickets, sorry if you didn't get a response from me yet, planning to get up to date today & tomorrow!

Re: Fixes, db updates, delays for ticket responses

Hi Sebi, just a quick note that I'm noticing a small issue - when sorting decks by cost, lands are still alphabetized, except for a few from the newest sets, which get bumped to the bottom. When sorting the deck by name, the lands are sorted properly, this issue only happens when sorting by cost. Just wanted to bring it to your attention, thanks!

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