Topic: Secret Lair - Godzilla Lands

Can you import the Secret Lair Godzilla lands?  I can not find them.


Re: Secret Lair - Godzilla Lands

I can provide a high-res scan of the Stained Glass planeswalker (Nissa, I think) shortly when my order arrives if needed, though I think you source all the images from another website.

On a somewhat related note: If you can upload your own scans of cards I can supply a new one for the Stained Glass version of Tibalt, Rakish Instigator. The current picture for him is poor quality with a giant water blob on it.

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Re: Secret Lair - Godzilla Lands

Hey, did this get figured out yet?  I have the five foil Godzilla lands now, but can't seem to find them anywhere in the card database here.  Who's responsible for adding new cards like the Secret Lair series?  I'd do it myself but have no clue how.  Thanks!