Topic: Snowy Owl Deck?

I am a Compleat Newbie (well, nearly; I watch a lot of streams and I used to watch my son play) and if I have any style at all, it's Vorthos. I picked up a card called Jotun, and fell in love with the idea of building a Snowy Owl deck. Further research led me to acquire a couple of Fable of Wolf and Owl cards, as well as, um... a lot of wolves and owls, some of quite respectable lineage, as well as some older Snow Lands. I also have a Chulane, which I'm seeing as the keeper of this flying and howling zoo. (there might be a few angels kicking around too.)
With Kaldheim, and with Strixhaven on the horizon, is a Snowy Owl deck a possible thing? I have Rimefeather Owl, so I can make more lands into Snow if necessary to pay for Jotun's upkeep until he could fill the sky with birds.