Topic: Looking to trade Pokemon for MTG

A well-meaning relative of mine, knowing that I have kids, passed me a box of Pokemon cards in case the kids were interested in them.  My kids aren't *that* into Pokemon and these are from the first 4-5 sets.  As the kids can be a bit neglectful towards toys/cards and knowing, as an MtG collector, how valuable older cards can potentially be, I was looking to see if anyone out there who would like and appreciate these cards might be interested in swapping some/all of them for cards in my MtG wishlist.

It took me a bit to learn their identifying marks, etc., but yeah - I have an MtG fatpack box of commons/uncommons and a few binder pages of rares, promos, etc.,  Tried this trade a few times at my LGS but folks there were only interested in trading within the same game, if at all, although the LGS did buy a very small handful of them.

I know it is a long shot, but figured I'd ask.  Reply in here and/or e-mail me via the site mailer if interested.

Re: Looking to trade Pokemon for MTG

What are you looking for?

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I just buy listed most of my trade stuff but your welcome to look at what I have left (not much) and I would be down to trade for some Pokémon.