Topic: new to site, a few rare cards

Thought I'd give a swing here prior to talking to the bigger stores. A player from back when MtG started. Pulled my collection out of storage and looking to sell them. Not in a hurry, but thought I'd ping here for interest. Almost all are in near mint to mint condition, not officially rated.

Few examples:

The Tabarnacle at Pendrell Vale (Legends)
Ancestral Recall (Unlimited)
Ice Storm (not certain...think Beta, but might be Alpha)
Wheel of Fortune (Revised)

More in the collection, but not of the value of the first 2. (Unlimited, Revised, Legends, Antiquities, Arabian Nights....few others)

Reach out if interested. I know what I can get from the stores, I know what they'd cost at the stores. Happy to meet somewhere in the middle.