Topic: Newbie Deck - "Shield of Stomping"

Information on deck;
Title of Deck: Shield of Stomping
Reason behind name: as a new collector of MTG CCG and player of MTG Arena, I've realized that power comes in the form of knowledge of the battlefield. being new, I've had my butt stomped out a lot in my learning of the game. since* then, I've been developing an approach to not only mitigate but outright stop aggro decks. I've dubbed this deck the "Shield of Stomping" as I am attempting to stop and 'stomp-out' the will's of my opponents through counters and blocks in order to throw them off of their game and allow me to capitalize when they are in their most frustrated of moments.
The purpose of this deck is as follows;

- Produce Mana at a rate to sustain defense

- Provide means to both stop opponent from attacking as well as lower their defenses against attacks via instant's, sorceries or enchantment cards

- Provide a means of instantly neutralizing opponent creatures that pose a serious board presence threat

- Frustrate and break the will of your opponent (I've noticed in my test running of this deck in MTG Arena, I frustrate a lot of players with this style of deck [counters/blocks] and I've noticed how their playstyle becomes less coherent as they realize what the deck holds)

Re: Newbie Deck - "Shield of Stomping"

Welcome to MTG, and welcome to Deckbox! Glad you're starting to discover your preferred playstyle. A lot of the frustration you describe other players having is just the standard reaction to control.  wink  LoL

Were there any aspects you were wanting feedback on?

Also, I'd suggest adding a note about your wincon to the post. A control deck generally wants to thwart the opponent in the early game as you described, then deploy some sort of finisher in the mid- to late-game. What is your finisher? That info will help others understand your deck.