Topic: First time opening up "Strixhaven" today

I'm an MTG newcomer and just got into this month. today I first got my hands on "Strixhaven" and initially reading the booster box I can see that I'd be getting those duo-mana cost cards (1 Green/1 Black for example). Initially, I'd shied away from duo-mana cost cards because I'm not that proficient in deck building yet so I figured I'd leave those types of cards alone until I gain better skill, but so far I'm on pack 03 of 36 and I am re-evaluating my views on duo-mana cost cards especially with land cards similar to [[Quandrix Campus]] or other such land cards which allows you to add either of 2 mana types. on another social site I was told that Strixhaven had some very amazing artwork and I definitely concur, I really like the art on cards such as [[Negate 019/063 STA]].

One thing I've picked up on across the different expansions I've gotten cards in so far is that each expansion 'paints' the general and sometimes specific themes and mechanics for that particular set. with this Strixhaven I'm seeing more sorcery/instants/enchantment playstyle with a focus on mixing mana types/colors. to me, this particular expansion feels like a hell of an expansion for players who know how to 'work their deck'. I feel like Strix will force me to look at my strategy in a more methodical method to capture my opponents off guard.