Topic: Select only available cards from inventory

When I build a deck, I would like to be able to see, if the card is actually available or already used in the existing decks.
This is especially interesting for cards which have tons of reprints, like Command Tower or Birds of Paradise.
What I currently do is show the column Decks Count and select the first Edition from the inventory for the specific card. Then I have to check if the Inventory number is already maxed out in the Decks Count column, which is akward with cards where I have numerous copies. I already unchecked "I am sharing cards between built decks" in the settings, but it is still not clear.
Is there a way to tell me which copy is available?

Re: Select only available cards from inventory

A feature like OP is describing would be great.
I love deckbox overall, but struggle with one thing. I currently have over 150 decks and lost track of what decks got what cards. I've started using proxies in some of my decks, but now i have lost track of where my land taxes went. is there a feature like this already implemented in deckbox?

TL;DR: We need a overview from inventory of what decks currently uses a certain card.