Topic: Unable to modify some card counts

I have tried on two different browsers through both my tradelist and the card page to reduce my count of M10 Child of Night, Fell Horseman (among other cards) and am unable to do so. In the tradelist interface, it seems that the count is reduced, but when I refresh, it returns to its original value. In the card page, the modal appears when I hit the edit button, I make the change, and click Save & Close, but the count doesn't change on the card page.

I gotta get rid of this bulk! Help!

Re: Unable to modify some card counts

I just tried on another device (my phone), and same result.

Re: Unable to modify some card counts

I thought that when you reduced the count of a card in your inventory below the count in your wishlist that the wishlist was automatically updated too. That is not the case, and this is why I was having trouble.

Is this a change, or am I crazy?