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Name  Race Type Cost Edition
Anvil of Doom Dwarf Support 3 + Tooth and Claw
Arachnarok Spider Orc Unit 7 + Fragments of Power
Arcane Instinct High Elf Tactic 0 + Cataclysm
Arcane Orrery Neutral Support 2 Cataclysm
Arcane Power Neutral Tactic 1 The Accursed Dead
Arcane Purifier High Elf Unit 2 + Cataclysm
Archaon Chaos Legend 7 + Legends
Archmage of Saphery High Elf Unit 1 + Core Set
Ariel. Queen in the Woods Neutral Legend 4 Hidden Kingdoms
Arkayne Vampire Neutral Unit 3 Fragments of Power
Armed To Da Teef Orc Tactic 2 + Legends
Armoury Neutral Support 2 Core Set
Arrer Boyz Orc Unit 4 + Path of the Zealot
Asrai Longbow Neutral Support 2 The Eclipse of Hope
Assassin's Blade Neutral Support 1 Bleeding Sun
Asuryan's Cleansing High Elf Tactic 0 + Assault on Ulthuan
Atharti Night Maidens Dark Elf Unit 3 + Cataclysm
Avelorn Sojourner High Elf Unit 3 + The Ruinous Hordes
Averheim Soldiers Empire Unit 2 + Fragments of Power
Azhag the Slaughterer Orc Legend 7 + Legends
Baby Squig Orc Unit 0 + The Imperial Throne
Balewind Vortex Neutral Fulcrum 1 Cataclysm
Balthasar Gelt Empire Legend 3 + Faith and Steel
Band Together Dwarf Tactic 2 + Oaths of Vengeance
Banish High Elf Tactic 3 + The Deathmaster's Dance
Banna Bearer Orc Unit 4 + Days of Blood
Banna of da Red Sunz Orc Support 4 + Core Set
Banna Thief Orc Unit 2 + The Iron Rock
Bannerman of the Crag Dark Elf Unit 2 + City of Winter
Barbed Snares Dark Elf Tactic 1 + City of Winter
1132 total results       Previous Page 2 of 38 Next Last