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Type: Deck Idea
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Modern
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Approx. Value:

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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 60 cards, 26 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (8)
4 Hedron Crab
$3.96 Creature - Crab
4 Manic Scribe
$0.32 Creature - Human Wizard
Instant (18)
4 Archive Trap
$10.97 Instant - Trap
2 Crypt Incursion
$0.26 Instant
3 Fatal Push
$5.02 Instant
2 Surgical Extraction
$24.90 Instant
4 Thought Scour
$0.30 Instant
3 Visions of Beyond
$6.04 Instant
Sorcery (8)
1 Damnation
$28.80 Sorcery
4 Glimpse the Unthinkable
$6.30 Sorcery
3 Mind Funeral
$4.80 Sorcery
Artifact (4)
2 Ensnaring Bridge
$46.17 Artifact
2 Mesmeric Orb
$24.50 Artifact
Enchantment (2)
2 Fraying Sanity
$2.97 Enchantment - Aura Curse
Land (20)
1 Bloodstained Mire
$26.12 Land
2 Darkslick Shores
$13.06 Land
2 Ghost Quarter
$1.96 Land
1 Hallowed Fountain
$8.62 Land - Plains Island
1 Ipnu Rivulet
$0.25 Land - Desert
2 Island
$0.16 Basic Land - Island
1 Plains
$0.19 Basic Land - Plains
4 Polluted Delta
$18.80 Land
2 Shelldock Isle
$6.13 Land
1 Sunken Ruins
$24.92 Land
1 Swamp
$0.19 Basic Land - Swamp
2 Watery Grave
$15.60 Land - Island Swamp
Sideboard - 15 cards, 6 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Instant (8)
3 Echoing Truth
$0.77 Instant
2 Extirpate
$6.63 Instant
3 Path to Exile
$8.06 Instant
Artifact (4)
3 Profane Memento
$0.42 Artifact
1 Ratchet Bomb
$1.72 Artifact
Enchantment (3)
3 Leyline of the Void
$50.55 Enchantment

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  • nobelphoenix (Edited )

    I was about to sleep before ozan showed me your deck and suddenly I found myself brewing upon it. Briefly; there was a semi-competitive Phenax deck back in the RTR-THS era and I combined that with yours.. Have a look at it, you might find it interesting.

    4 Drowned Catacomb
    6 Island
    6 Swamp
    4 Ipnu Rivulet
    2 Shelldock Isle
    4 Archive Trap
    4 Fraying Sanity
    4 Glimpse the Unthinkable
    4 Hedron Crab
    4 Manic Scribe
    4 Mind Funeral
    2 Phenax, God of Deception

    3 Sea Gate Oracle

    3 Augur of Bolas

    4 Thought Scour

    2 Codex Shredder

    PS: D'oh!.. What was I thinking, this decklist should be like this:

    -3 Augur of Bolas


    +1 Sea Gate Oracle +2 Surgical Extraction


    +3 Surgical Extraction

    "Surgical Extraction" in a mill deck works wonders, especially against control.

    • kinghfb ()

      i like the addition of surgical extraction and phenax actually. at the moment the deck plays pretty tight, although it has some holes in the strategy.

      i might play around with codex shredders as well, depending on how irl testing goes

      • nobelphoenix ()

        Surgical can remove the most bothersome spell of your opponent to give you some more breathing room, every other creature-based aggro strategy can be thwarted by your creatures with big butts.

        Codex shredder can be sacced late game to enable delirium and fetch another card in your GY (so basically it's another copy of Surgical, Phenax, or Glimpse), meanwhile it adds to your mill strategy early on with low cmc.

        burn spells are kinda bothersome, but they can be mitigated by well targeted surgicals.

        this deck should do well against other control matchups anyway.

        • nobelphoenix ()

          Also you might want to consider Vision from Beyond and Devastation Tide if you run out of gas or have hard time against go-wide opponents respectively. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. =)

          • nobelphoenix ()

            One last thing: you might just replace codex with elixir or immortality. They are basically doing the same thing in the big picture.

Market deals
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